Welcome Hunters


Mark Young Outfitters LLC was established in 1987 by Mark and Julie Young, third generation owners and operators of the Flying Shit House Ranch. Our private land gives you exclusive hunting access of our cattle ranch property where we specialize in trophy whitetail hunts with a side option to hunt mule deer and antelope. The healthy populations of whitetail surrounding Augusta make for an exciting, action packed hunt. Our week long guided hunting trips begin in September during archery season and go through October and November during general hunting season.   We have recently leased acreage North of the ranch that has trophy mule deer!

Archery Hunts            $5000

Most archery hunting takes place in tree stands along our farm field edges rimmed by creek and river bottoms. Included in our Private Whitetail hunting grounds are archery zones where no rifles are allowed in any season. During Montana’s specified archery season (September through the beginning of October), archers can take a trophy whitetail because the bucks are relaxed and have distinct feeding patterns near the barley and alfalfa fields.   We invite our archers to book hunts during our general season as well.  The rut begins the last 3 weeks of November providing another great opportunity to take a trophy Montana Whitetail or Mule deer with a bow.

**Lodging is included in the price.

Rifle Hunts                 $5000

Rifle hunting begins in our general season (middle of October through November) and whitetail and mule deer begin to rut the last 3 weeks of November.  Our style of rifle hunting mostly entails spot and stalk or sitting on bluffs overlooking the creek and river bottoms and farm fields.


To ensure better trophies for our clients, we require all deer harvested during archery and rifle season to be a mature deer at least 4.5 years of age.  During general hunting season, our guides are available to aid you in deciding on which deer to harvest.  A $500 fee will be assessed to the hunter for shooting an immature deer. This will hopefully enable us to meet our goal for all hunters to harvest a quality trophy whitetail deer!

**Lodging included in the price.


Note: an additional fee of $500 will be added to your total if you desire to hunt an antelope as well.


Processing Your Kill

Augusta does not have a local wild game meat processor at this time. You will have to take your meat to Lincoln, Great Falls, or Helena. We can help find the right place for you to process your kill, but it is the hunter’s responsibility to have the meat processed. If you do not take the meat home with you, we will give it away to a family in need or to the Augusta food pantry after you have paid for the meat to be processed.



A $2,000 deposit is required for each hunter to secure your hunting dates with us. We accept cash, check, credit cards (3% fee), or Venmo. Please make checks out to MARK YOUNG OUTFITTERS LLC, with the remaining balance due upon arrival.  After we receive your deposit, you will need to get your license. We are willing to do your licensing for you on-line.  Or we can step you through the process.



There are two types of non-resident deer licenses available. A  General Big Game Elk/Deer Combination license is $1,242 and includes elk, deer, fish and waterfowl. Please make sure it says Big Game because an Elk Only Combination tag DOES NOT include a deer.  There is also a General Deer Combination  license which costs $724 and includes deer, fish and waterfowl. The Big Game license is more expensive but gives you a higher chance of drawing a deer tag. You must purchase the PREFERENCE  POINT $100.  If  you have booked with an outfitter you can buy an additional “outfitter preference point” for another $100.  Three preference points are the limit. The online hunting application is due before April 1st.    July 1st-December 31st a preference point can be purchased for the following year.    We are more than happy to help you with all your on-line licensing free of charge.

**For more information on the MT Licenses go to

http://fwp.mt.gov/hunting/licenses/all/nonresidentCombo.html or call Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks at (406) 444-2950.

Book early to make certain you have all the paperwork completed because all license applications must be done online with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks before APRIL 1st!